Jerome Hill
Don’t, Super Rhythm Trax, Power Vacuum, Earwiggle, Hornsey Hardcore, Sneaker Social Club


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As the popularity of dance music soars, and the contemporary environment becomes saturated with DJs, the roots of the artform can become somewhat lost. In Jerome Hill, we have an artist who represents DJing in its most vivid, creative and versatile form.

Owner of a seemingly endless library of music Jerome began DJing in 1990, honing his craft on London’s illegal warehouse party scene of the mid nineties and today juggling a hectic gig schedule where he strives to find, as FACT magazine described it “precisely how much funk is possible for raw and uncompromising electronics to have” utilising a deep love of the music and his infamous ‘hands on’ scratching and mixing skills that have made him a crowd favourite all over the world.

The sheer momentum and unparalleled creativity of Jerome’s sets coupled with his timing in dropping unexpected gems in a context created on the fly never fails to throw up impromptu moments that are symbolic of the true rave spirit

Sole proprietor of the labels Don’t (est. 2000), Super Rhythm Trax, Bleeper, Fat Hop and Hornsey Hardcore, Jerome also runs the fiercely underground Don’t club night in London, now entering it’s 7th year as well as presenting a long running weekly radio show ‘The Roots Of Rave’ on London’s Kool FM.

In Jerome there is an unquenchable enthusiasm that ignites an endless supply of possibilities; with no one sequence sounding the same, and an infinite love for dance music that shows no signs of diminishing. It’s ‘proper’ DJing in its no-mucking-about nature. An explosion of energy that is capable of lighting up any dancefloor in the world.

“If there’s one man who embodies rave spirit in modern dance music it’s Jerome Hill” – FACT Mag

“I’ve said this a lot before, and that’s that Jerome’s DJing is so good that it has often overshadowed his own music-making. The same goes with his labels, you might tend to overlook Jerome’s productions as you try to keep up with all the other incredible music he’s putting out. But let’s get real, Jerome is one of the best producers around too, and remixing Wevie Stonder’s bollard-tastic “Ton Wah ” – a staple in his sets in the past – is a perfect idea. Some tracks sound good online or in a record shop, but I only fully got to appreciate how huge this was when I played it out. Maximum crowd reaction guaranteed!” – Sunil Sharpe


Jeromes releases have been played by:

Aphex Twin, Helena Hauf, Ben Sims, Perc, Skream, Truss, Tessela, Randomer, Radioactive Man, Craig Richards, Sunil Sharpe, Freddy Fresh, Mark Archer, Justin Robertson, Nightwave, Groove Armada, Surgeon, He/at, Bodyjack, Dave Tarrida, Housemeister, Dave The Drummer, WNCL, John Heckle, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, DJ Ze Mig L, Simian Mobile Disco, Blawan among many others

Radio support on BBC Radio 1 from Monki, Annie Mac, Skream, Tom Ravenscroft, John Peel (RIP), Rob Da Bank and Coco Cole (Capital FM)

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