Dax J – Six of the best

OK so this Friday is Lumen 006! One of our guests is Dax J (we may have mentioned that a few times).

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past load of years, here’s a pick of 6 our favourite Dax J tracks!

Chris Stanford & Dax J – Kommand (AnD Demented Drums Remix)

Starting off our list of killer tunes from Dax J, we have this beast. Remixed by our other guests AnD – the fact that the remix is called the Demented Drums mix says it all…..watch ya bassbins!


Dax J – Reign Of Terror

ACCCIIIIEEEEDDD!  Proper peak time stuff here. The sort of shit that sounds like it was made for strobes & smoke machines.


Dax J – Dreamscape

When people hear the name Dax J they always think of the hi-octane tracks but this is a great curveball. Think old-skool Detroit….


Dax J – Rebirth

This one sounds like some sort of synthy, squelchy helicopter. Literally the best possible description I can give it.


Dax J – Protect the Prophecy

Pick of the bunch for me from his album. Proper raw, driving power from the start. Heads down, giving it rice.


Dax J – The Invisible Man

Sinister strings, brooding acid bassline….reminiscent of the sort of stuff that was around back in the 90s. Love it!


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