Bangface Weekender appreciation post & lineup best bits

It’s been a few years since I’ve made it back to Bangface Weekender, last year I had best intentions of going but had the opportunity to visit SXSW instead. This year 3 days before the festival I thought fuck it, threw caution to the wind and booked it, would have been sickened not going without a valid excuse… as such I’m sitting in the airport drinking and figuring out who I want to see each day from their mammoth lineup and making a plan. Below is my day by day breakdown, is there anything I’ve missed? What are you most looking forward to?


Cheesy ravey pop craic from the act that brought you such anthems as, no no, no, no no no, there’s no limit…

Teknoist played at our first ever Belfast electronic festival raves many years ago long before we even started DSNT, not for the faint hearted as is most of Bangface’s lineup

SpongeBob Squarewave
One half of squire of gothos, cheesy happy hardcore with stupid vocals and amen breaks

Flat out no messing hardcore, deathchant, planet mu bangers

Dave Skywalker
Rave intensity, unreal taste


Friday starts to get ridiculous so bear with me…

Napalm Death.
Grindcore madness, shouty loud angry music, should be a laugh if nothing else

When we first booked Mark Archer we couldn’t believe how much of a legend he was, the man behind the mask that still keeps it 100% real. Rave hero if ever there was one. Excited for this as always

Paula Temple
Little introduction needed for one of our favourites in techno. Her sets at lumen are now infamous for her relentless energy, precision frequencies tuned specifically to the soundsystem she plays and overall attention to detail. All these combined make her one of the artists we rate the highest in techno

ISR Live
Industrial strength records have an insane back catalogue of banging hardcore, Lenny Dee is a total legend and we’re buzzing to see this ISR LIVE Bangface special

Finally hope to catch Ansome’s live set after the shite pint throwing incident at lumen 005


Been a massive Modeselektor fan for years. Some massive albums, sick music videos and AV shows. Buzzing for this

Ben Sims
Really hope Ben Sims is on form. I’ve been lucky enough to catch him a few times and mostly it’s been class, apart from the set he played at Bloc which felt like it was for a bunch of London hipster wankers that didn’t like techno and were more concerned with their appearances…

Helena Hauff
Intense electro bangers, Nez speaks very highly of her sets and so did Jake Nolan from Techno & Cans so I figure it’s worth checking!!

The DJ Producer
Absolute sicko. Maddest rave face and total sound boyo.

Somatic Responses
Been a fan of SR since their work on Belfast label Acroplane Records. Not sure how to describe their music but its heavy as fuck, has loads of depth and amazing sound design

Ceephax Acid Crew
On the topic of Acroplane, the Ceephax gig for them was a total rave highlight for me. Even though some of his tunes are piss takey most of his sets are fucking solid

Crystal Distortion
Crust hero, free party tekno at its finest, been wanting to see him for years!

One of the only good things to come out of bassline, we have rinsed his mixes in the studio

Scott Brown
Fuck I’m so excited for this, I hope he plays a classic set.. if Elysium doesn’t get played I’ll be gutted


Shere Kahn
Jeff Mills the bells x

Acid Guy
Our wee lumen mate Liam Kelly, who became acid guy from wearing a Lidl style acid shirt and dancing like a maniac. Glad to have been part of his DJ name xo

DJ Bi-Furious
Liam Kelly’s big bro, owner of Lidl style acid shirt and amazing DJ name. So good even resident advisor mention it.

Skirmish Radio boss and friend of DSNT. Buzzing for her set



Luke Vibert
Love all of Luke’s productions. Hopefully he plays something chill as I’m sure I’ll be dying

Jerome Hill
Anyone who frequents our parties knows how good Jerome is on the decks. The DJs favourite DJ, stellar tune selection and total legend

Mark Archer
We have already written about how much of a hero Mark is but he’s so good we want to catch him twice

2 Bad Mice
Some jungle badness to round the weekend off to a close


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