1. Jeff Mills & Guilliame Martin – Friday Night

The 909 wizard, spacey Jeff brings you on a magical alien themed mystery tour – complete with an encounter of the fourth kind, Funktion1 sound and a massive warehouse. A must see & hear. 



Probably one of the artists we’re most excited about. If you feel nostalgic about raves in fields, feel a bit smicked out or just really love hearing a techno re-edit of N-Joi malfunction then Myler is definitely not worth missing. He absolutely wrecked Mandela at our LUMEN party and his Cider & Bonfires podcast still gets rinsed into an absolute oblivion. We heard he’s wearing his good trainers as well and has every intention of going in HARD.


3. TinFoil

What happens when heavyweights Sunil Sharpe & DeFeKT get together in the studio = Some of the heaviest records made and a live show that we are fuckin so excited about. Expect no nonsense from them, if their solo performances in Belfast are anything to go by at AVA NYE & LUMEN then we’re in for a treat. HEAVY HEAVY SCHTUFF.


4. Rebekah

With a new album out on SOMA and a brand new Hybrid live show it was about time Rebekah returned to Belfast. Shes stated on her instagram posts that she keeps playing harder and harder, this is behaviour that can only be encouraged by a proper Belfast crowd going absolutely mental – as is to be expected.


5. Techno & Cans Dublin

These lads are responsible for some of the most forward thinking bookings in Ireland and recently invited us to join them at their Higher Vision festival. This year alone has seen them book Perc, AnD, Dax J, SHXCXCHCXSH, Slam, Cleric, Regal, I Hate Models, Under Black Helmet, Remco Beekwilder, FJAAK, Stranger to name a small few of what can only be described as a relentless lineup of banging bookings. Expecting big things from them – no messing.


6. Neil Kerr Live

Neil has been nerding over his Modular synth since I can remember or since I got facebook, when he sent us some of his music we could immediately see why. Totally great chunky slabs of euphoric disco or electronica or something, not sure how to describe it other than fucken sweet over big speakers.


7. Alice Meatfree

Originally from Belfast, Alice has been doing some of the sickest parties in Manchester with her MeatFree crew. 100% the right attitude towards running a party with a focus on top quality production and a desire to create safer dance floors. Alice also runs FLOOR music talks which discus issues such as sexism, the impact of gentrification on music and the industry as a whole. We originally came across Alice when she ran the ridiculous MORD party with Bas Mooy Shxcxchcxsh Sleeparchive Stanislav Tolkachev Tripeo UVB Zadig + Meat Free DJ’s…. INSANE


8. DSNT Residents!

Bit self-indulgent ending this with DSNT residents but we can’t wait to hear Nez, Dallas & Cave DJZZZZZZZZZ absolutely wreck Collies hefty Funktion1 rig. In the words of big blacky “BAO BAO BAO”.

In closing, AVA Festival has stepped their programming up massively this year and we welcome the addition of a heavier sound. Tickets are selling fast.

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