AnD – Interferometer – Official Music Video

Techno duo AnD are known for their hard-hitting, ‘GO HARD OR GO HOME’ ethos, renowned sets and massive live shows, closing Awakenings at ADE, as well as at Berghain’s Klubnacht – 10 years of Berghain. Dropping an album on Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe label and a number of tracks, remixes & EPs for labels such as MORD & Perc Trax, they continue to push their unapologetic and unrelenting sound.

Even with this level of success they haven’t forgotten their roots with their continued support of DSNT, as seen on their Boiler Room set in the early days. Half of AnD are from Belfast and despite their international success they have said it’s one of their favourite places to play. “DSNT nights in Belfast are always eventful and probably one of the loudest and rowdy crowds you can play to, these guys have been pushing the underground scene for years.”


AnD – Interferometer – Music Video Backstory

‘Interferometer’ is the first in a series of videos that examine a counterculture world that exists hiding in plain sight. The narrative seeks to tell the stories of the resistance, the occult and a subculture of weirdos, hippies and acid goblins. The stories that would never be published by the mainstream media, of the forgotten heroes, villains and a bunch of people having a laugh.

The battle for consciousness is a war that’s been waged on our minds for centuries and we delve into the world of conspiracy theories and an alternate reality, tongue firmly in cheek.

“Disgraced psychologist in the eyes of the mainstream media and psychedelic Messiah in the eyes of the subverted legions of occult followers, Leonitus Fierce (formerly Aldus Wilson PhD) has transcended his metaprogramming and removed himself from the consciousness circuit that constrains normal society into servitude to our lizard overlords.

… Or he’s just some dick.”

We will present Aldus Wilson’s research in the form of an AV show that premieres on the 28th of April at LUMEN006 titled “23 Minute warning”.

AnD – Interferometer is track A1 on DSNT005 and will be released at LUMEN006 on the 28th April.[/vc_column_text]

Thanks to Titanic Creative Management and Titanic FX for the amazing job on FX makeup.


  • Write & Director: Oisin O’Brien
  • Co-Director & Editor: Daniel F Holmes
  • Director of Photography: Kevin Treacy
  • Camera Assistant: Youcef Lynch
  • VFX: Kristian Glen
  • Production Assistant: Donna Morrow
  • Colourist: Eoghan McKenna

Mega thanks to all of our extras for coming, being old and being really good craic!!


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