DSNT is a hardcore techno record label, booking agency, events producer & clothing / art brand.  



We release bangin’ techno music and produce high intensity events with a focus on uncompromising line ups, a ‘no warm ups’ policy, mad visual production, and an inclusive party environment for attendees. Our parties first started in 2009 out of a need for a more raw techno sound in Belfast and created a birthplace for everything else that was yet to come.


Previous Guests:

AD // SS, Aggressors BC, Airod, Altar, Altern8, Ancient Methods, AnD, Ansome, Bas Mooy, Billy Allen, Blacknecks, Blark, Bleaching Agent, Borrowed Identity, Brayan Valenzuela, Chrissy Murderbot, Clouds, Contour, Crock, D. Carbone, Dallas, Deepmash, DJ Skirt, ELLL, Forward Strategy Group, Fran Hartnet, Happa, Headless Horseman, Hector Oaks, Holly Lester, Howard Marks, Hubie Davidson, I Hate Models, Imnotyourmate, J. TJIN, Jerome Hill, JoeFarr, Kangding Ray, Karenn, KCR, Keylen, LAG, Lucy, Manni Dee, Marcel Dettmann, Mark Archer, MPIA3, Mumdance, Mungos Hi-Fi, Myler, Nez, Noneoftheabove, Oscar Mulero, Ossian, Paragon, Pariah, Paula Temple, Perc, Rachel Rackitt, Randomer, Rebekah

Remco Beekwilder, Ross From Friends, Scott Brown, Sown, Stephanie Sykes, Sunil Sharpe, Surgeon, Techno & Cans, Tessela, The DJ Producer, Tinfoil, Truss, Twitch DJs, Xhin.



Our clothing brand acts as a platform to put our art & the work of other artists on garments.  

DSNT clothing is designed as a collaboration between Wee Nuls & Oisin, we usually make 4 collections a year, focusing on the artists’ signature graphic styles and comfy fits.

We usually make 1-3 limited edition collaboration garments per season and commission the artists for the design, ensuring they are paid fairly for their art.


Artists with collaborated with include:  The Yok & Sheryo, Pogger, Batt Butt, Humble Writerz and Hoodbats.

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