Our parties first started in 2009 out of a need for a more raw techno sound in Belfast and created a birthplace for everything else that was yet to come.


“Having originally started going to the BangFace Weekenders in England & Bad taste parties in Belfast, I was always drawn to a Hardcore rave vibe and still love it today. The raw intensity is what I connect with most in music, the desire to create these experiences for others was the catalyst for DSNTs birth. The immediate release that comes with a 130-200++ bpm kick-drum, losing your shit and dancing like a dick – this is what our parties are about.”

Previous Guests

AnD, Sunil Sharpe, JoeFarr, Tessela, Howard Marks, Truss, Surgeon, Ancient Methods, Perc, Bleaching Agent, Forward Strategy Group, Marcel Dettmann, Randomer, Clouds, Jerome Hill, Altern-8, The Advent, Rebekah, Oscar Mulero, Xhin, Karenn, Mungos Hi-Fi, Ontal, Myler, Lag, Blacknecks, Lucy, Bas Mooy, Steve Rachmad, Michael Forshaw, Squire of Gothos, Dave the Drummer, Kanji Kinetic, Pet Duo, Neil Landstrumm, Paula Temple.


After a hiatus from doing parties to focus on the creation of Guerrilla Shout (In which we produced stages & visual shows at events such as AVA Festival, Berlin Atonal, Body & Soul & Electric Picnic) we knew we needed to apply these skills in a self-directed manner to create a series of bespoke experience lead events.


When we launched the record label we seen it as a curatorial endeavour, an opportunity to pair the music we love with the visual art we are passionate about creating and collecting. The tactile experience of collecting records, the pairing of music with visual is pretty much everything we are about and it’s reflected in the media that comes with the label.


We fuckin love it, yeooooooo ÜTH.